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– To me music is complete freedom.- Neil is an award-winning film composer, and music producer from Upstate SC Having scored numerous films as well as podcasts, audiobooks, and beats. Griffin also uses music to raise awareness for stuttering with his band “Antler Hill” Using the knowledge I gained from piano Neil plays a large assortment of instruments, including Guitar, Banjo,Bass and many more. Neil also uses music to raise awareness for stuttering with his band “Antler Hill” —

IMDB: Website – Youtube – MrScarecrow864 Twitter – @NeilLeeGriffin


Mastering Engineer

Jorge has been adding value to the audio engineering world for over a decade. He started building his foundation as an engineer through the role of a live sound engineer for several bands, theatrical plays, churches, and festivals. Through this work, Jorge has been able to maintain a strong working relationship with local companies and artists while expanding in the music industry.Jorge’s technical background comes from achieving both a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration concentrating on Global Management. Jorge has been mentored by/under several Audio professionals locally and internationally. He also obtained an Audio Engineering Certificate from CPCC., finished Berklee School of Music Mastering Online classes and received a Mastering certification through the Mastering Academy.
Jorge has proved that he is qualified musically and technically through both his education and experience. He is reminded of why working on music is his passion every time he witnesses the artist’s reaction to the finished product.