Shady Palms is a Full Service Studio for Audio and Production Company

Led by an experienced Audio Recording and Mix Engineer.  Shady Palms Productions is a Hybrid Analog-Digital Music and Post-production company located in Charlotte, North Carolina that offers professional recording and mixing services. Our focus is to provide high-quality work! With a knowledgeable and friendly engineer . We have a large network of local, national, and world wide musicians, arrangers, composers, and producers to help you create your project and see it come to reality. We work with Hip Hop, banda Musica, R&B, Jazz, Latin, Pop, Funk, Gospel, Hillsong, Indie Rock, and many other genres of production. We can provide horn arrangements, lead sheets, and charts for your song. Email for pricing.

Mission Statement: Provide high quality work to see your recording come to life!




Terence attended Berklee College of Music for Music Production and California State University, Northridge for Music Education and Percussion Performance. He has played percussion professionally for over 29 years. With more than 10 years of audio engineering and producing experience throughout Southern California and North Carolina, Terence Ervan established Shady Palms Productions in 2011 In Los Angeles, California and has relocated the company to Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Makayla Belcher

Vocal Coach

Makayla is currently a student at UNC Charlotte studying Music Performance and Music Education. She has performed in several notable ensembles in several countries, including Venice, Italy,and other parts of Europe. Makalya also serves as the choral scholar at an Espicopal church in Charlotte, NC. as well as a private vocal teacher. Makala have taken take vocal lessons from many greats in the industry including Christina Pier, Makalya also arranges vocals for pop, rock and choral ensembles as well as concert and marching bands.

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